Life as an artist

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Art

As you get older ,you realize that being an artist sometimes means standing alone.
You live and die by what you create. Mainly because it comes from the deepest thoughts of our minds. We bleed,sweat and shed tears of anger/joy to give our gift to the world.
Many will take credit if you make a name for yourself. Most will applaud your efforts,while others would consider it a waste of time.
In the end, you have to stand by your beliefs and never let the ideals of others derail you.
Being true to yourself is not about a dollar sign or the approval of those around you. It’s about pleasing yourself.
Everyone is good at something and if that something brings you joy. GO FOR IT!!!
No such thing as too old or too late. the only time it’s too late is when you are dead.


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